Christopher  Richardson Loan Officer

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Christopher Richardson is a true benefit to others by combining know how of seemingly limitless financial strategies, with access to vast number of lenders and products. Chris works with you by opening up more options and educating you about strategies with the mortgage process, credit, budgeting, and advantaged financial tools and capabilities. Through his background in providing financial, business, and personal consulting, people irrefutably find him to be an intangible resource. Whether you’re somebody interested in getting property financing or to simply bounce some ideas and get input about your next financial endeavor or life goals, feel comfortable to send Chris a message. Additionally Chris is normally available for you a wide range of hours 7 days a week. This undeniably makes him a great fit for those busy individuals that require a more flexible mortgage professional. An additional mention is that he is a humble family man, with 3 children, and a wife also in the real estate industry for property management. If you were wondering if Chris can work with you, YES he is licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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